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1946 IIDA was established by an aeronautical engineer, Mr. Yoshihisa Iida at Machida-City Tokyo Japan. Developed small engine ignition system by using aeronautical technology.
1948 The company head office was moved to new location of Meguro Tokyo.  
1951 Mitaka plant was newly built at Mitaka-City Tokyo.  
1974   Developed TCI (transistor controlled ignition) system.
1979 Started export sales for oversea customers.  
1980   Developed Hybrid IC for TCI system.
1983   Received reward from Ministry of Science and Technology on IIDA TCI system.
1988 Developed full automatic winding ignition coil machine.  
1990   Developed digital speed limiter.
1992   Developed digital speed limiter - ignition system integrated module.
1994   Developed DC ignition module for small engines.
1995 Started production at Laguna, Philippines.  
1996 Supplier of the year award. Developed ESS (engine safety switch).
1997 Started production of iron cast flywheel in China.  
1999   Developed float type oil sensor.
2001   Developed ignition module for emission regulation.
2002 Meguro head office and Mitaka plant were integrated at new Mitaka building. Developed ultra-small sized ignition module.
Supplier of the year award.  
2003 Start production at Guangdong, China. Developed microprocessor controlled ignition module.
  TCI ignition module production reached 50 million units.
2004 Recognition of ISO14001 certificate.  
2006 Started production of aluminum cast flywheel in China.  
2007 Recognition of ISO9001 certificate.  
2008   Developed engine management system for small engines.
2009 Supplier of the year award.  
2010 Introduction of Business Continuity Plan(BCP). Developed pressure and temperature integrated sensor module.
2011   Microprocessor module production reached 5 million units.
  TCI ignition module production reached 100 million units.
2012 Guangdong,China production capacity increased.  
2013 Supplier of the year award.  
2014 Started ECU production in Philippines. Microprocessor module production reached 10 million units.
2015   Throttle control ECU.
  Li-ion battery integrated ECU.
2016   Li-ion battery pack.
2017 Supplier of the year award.  
2018 ECU and battery pack production capacity increased.  
2019   Li-ion battery pack production reached 1 million units.
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