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Environmental Principles

IIDA:Symbiosis of people and nature

Our company, as a manufacturer of professional small engine ignition systems, looks into the future of our high technology society. The IIDA brand, which is now used in many high grade products, will continue to gain recognition throughout the world due to our innovative technologies and quality control systems. In each of our business activities, products, and services we recognize the importance of striving for conservation and improvement of environment as the most important issues of management, and in performing our business activity in harmony with the natural environment.

To assure our performance and accomplishments, an environmental management system in compliance with ISO14001 has been established, and continuous improvement will be implemented as well as setting and reexamining of our environmental targets.

Environmental Purposes

Reducing electrical power, the greatest energy used in our company.

Reduce waste material discharged by business activities, implement reduction of waste by separating for re-usage, collection and recycling.

Implementing development of products in relation to lowering environmental load.

With regards to performance of business activity, we strive for conservation of the environment and protection from contamination, as well as compliance with laws and provisions in relation to the environment relating to our company, and other demands postulated and agreed upon by our company. This environmental principle is thoroughly publicized to all the employees through environmental education, internal public relations activities and is also publicized to contractors who will be requested to understand and cooperate with such principles. It will also be publicized externally.

IIDA Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd.

President Yoshihiko Hyodo

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